AGF.3 + SUE.C: MINI MOVIES [CD/DVD on Asphodel Ltd. ASP3004 2005]

The liberation of the still image. A break away of recorded music.
A collection of mini-lives in an urban and political context.
Memories were traditionally captured as singular moments of time, but the availability of miniature movie-making machines now animates our memories on the screen. AGF and SUE.C slip their own observations of life and audio-visual memories into the pre-established user interface and industry distribution network.
Everybody is a disaster. Let's make our own movies. Enter slideshow.

THE DVD: [approx. running time 90 min]

Crafted from thousands of photographs manipulated into and out of pixels. Hand-drawn, self-tattered, layered in light, space and time. A patchwork mystery of everyday life in the shadows of capitalism, communalism and the freedom of observation. Executed with a tailor-made computer animation system. Includes a collection of shorts, alternate soundtracks, subtitles, an interview and making of. Filmed in New York, Long Island, Berlin, London, San Francisco and elsewhere, it is a travel diary at once familiar and strange but overall it is a tribute to connections, both human and inanimate. Watch

THE CD: [19 tracks, approx. running time 54 min]

The soundtrack to an invisible movie. Each song a scene, woven together by transitional scores which unveil the protagonist's story. Tales of friendship, longing, wandering through anonymous city streets. Lopsided pop, sparse and torch lit. The sound of disastrous freedom. Loping electrical r+b, AGF.3's third album finds her dropping neu beat poetry over cookie crumb beats and snaking across sly bass and piano. Tales of friendship, longing, and wandering through anonymous city streets permeate the airwaves. 19 tracks of lopsided pop and soundtrack interludes, sparse and torch lit, Mini Movies is the complete sound of disastrous freedom. Listen