1. abfahrt / 0:22
2. marzipan / 3:55 / Play
3. everybody is a disaster / 1:51 / Play
4. presentiment / 1:36
5. geneva / 4:08
6. flucht / 1:20
7. crazy / 3:06
8. unten / 1:10
9. gala book / 4:08
10. lighthearted / 4:08
11. wolkenfest / 1:23
12. lazy / 4:37
13. exist slow / 6:27
14. seathroughdream / 2:12
15. cleaning up / 1:15
16. no tears / 4:18
17. memory dance / 2:08
18. paradise / 5:00
19. reversion / 0:36

the CD movie is the mini movie without pictures to be made up in your mind

... he continues traveling and departing and the optimistic dreaming of white marzipan and then as soon as he steps off the train starts to feel suddenly unconfident (disaster) expecting the worst and scary things to happen (presentiment) and when he arrives in geneva and his girl friend doesn't hang out with him and is real mean .... he runs away (flucht) makes a stop in a hotel alone watches news and wonders what the fuck .... (crazy) so he decides to not care and go and make money to buy a house one day and be free! with lots of space... gets stuck on this thought... cause he feels lonely and falls into depression (unten) on the way back home when he is reading a book about the crazy in love ones he dreams away again... he awakes next morning and tries to remember with his friend susi over the internet to stay lighthearted... gives a shit about houses and money ... dreams in the park and stares in the clouds (wolkenfest) and then he gets real lazy... and alone at home... washes clothes (score) and do all kind of ineffective things... like watches one movie for 3 days in a loop then he remembers his love ... and he thinks of the dream at the ocean and the house and how it could be with her.... he is getting a bit sentimental and thinks about the whole broken up planet - how loveless it is... (no tears / holocoust) then he remembers his girl in the bed in geneva and how damn helpless she looked and freaks out cause she probably needs him bigtime. he packs up and sits again in the train to meet her again thinking about the ones entering the planet with different presets than his and reminds himself that no pain and no destruction can take away the powerful beauty of humans interacting in peace love and respect with each other.